~Strange things we did~

1.     Fabian and Zak swimming to the “Island” in their underwear.
2.     Jess swimming to the “Island” fully clothed.
3.     Fabian and Zak sharing a shower in underwear.
4.     Amy and Jess knitting on the beach.
5.     Amy, Tanika and Jess drinking Maison while chasing a dolphin across the beach.
6.     Zak and Fabian sliding down the cliff.
7.     Zak losing three squid lines while casting off.
8.     Going to the playground at 2am.
9.     Fabian getting sick at playground by spinning in “little circles”.
10.            Eating Fruit Loops at the front of the shop at 10.30am.
11.            Zak and Fabian climbing tree in search of elusive tennis balls.
12.            Zak cries ever 5minutes “WHERE’S MY BOOK????”
13.            Beach walk at 2am with squishy flashing ball.
14.            Zak and Fabian jumping over Post Office rail at Maitland.
15.            Walking through Maitland in the rain in search of a church.
16.            Going to Church.
17.            Counting down from 120 on swimming island.
18.            Fabian diving off swimming island, Zak jumping off swimming island and Jess climbing down the ladder.
19.            Uno in sleeping bags.
20.            Dodging waves around great piles of seaweed.
21.            “Daddy, Mummy and Baby” cuttlefish.
22.            Seagull stealing Amy’s starfish.
23.            Jess and Amy chasing seagull half way down the beach.
24.            Playing hopscotch on the beach.
25.            Wrestling inside the doorway...Fabian and Jess being locked out... surprising Tanika by opening the door with the key.
26.            BROWNIE CAKE MIX FIGHT!!!!
27.            “I want to have a mental battle with you but I see you have no weapons...”
28.            “Zak is a Lady Killer.”
29.            Eating so much junk food we don’t eat anything else except breakfast then dinner at 10.30pm.
30.            Jess spoon feeding Fabian spaghetti.
31.            The size of Zak’s Spaghetti bowl and the size of Zak’s pizza pocket.
32.            Amy, Jess and Tanika picking soursobs.
33.            THE POTHOLE
34.            Straightening Zak and Fabi’s hair.
35.            Fabian giving Zak a hand massage.
36.            Subsequent massages involving Zak, Fabian and Tanika.
37.            Waiting for the tank to overflow.
38.            Zak buying a litre of milk and drinking it all at the beach.
39.            Taking enough food for a month.
40.            Amy’s hiccups!!
41.            Reversing up main road in order to find a sign.

42.            Taking the not-so-scenic detour on the way home.

kann sein dass ihr einiges von dem hier nicht versteht wer eine Erklärung benötigt bitte anfragen:P